Childs Yoga Pose Beginners Yoga Posture

Childs Yoga Pose Beginners Yoga Posture

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  1. Good

  2. Take it gently and carefully, and only go as far as you find comnfortable. As Greg says, it gets easier with practice! Don't try to go too quickly, or too far.

  3. It's hard for me to take a deep breath

  4. yeah.. yeah.. i'm trying my hard to focus,, seriously,, i really want to learn this,, thanks…. send my regards to this hunks,, kk??? hehehe.. thanks

  5. Hey Nikie Greg the guy on the right is the narrator !! Focus on the teachings.


  6. Follow the video for timings .

    Al l

  7. i want to do yoga poses while i listen to the narrator…. but, how can i do that if i am distracted by this hunks.. -_-… poor me

  8. and how much you have to stay in this positions?

  9. right on, Al! right on!!

  10. Hey Jay
    Yeah yoga is being used by top sports people and others for performance . Top NBA teams word series beach volleyball players . Its real essence is what it can do for the mind.


  11. not that because i am a gay or that i have seen the world over, but, never have i seen guys doing yoga before, other than the indian guys. & for a change, i am really happy to see guys doing yoga (guys with truly amazing body!). i can relate myself more now. thank you very much!!
    i'm in a process of rediscovering myself & realize that how i look really matters. i'm sure, these poses certainly help me give a good start in yoga. great going guys! thank you once again!!

  12. Blush thanks for the complement.


  13. Yes I believe Yoga can help the early stages of Scoliosis . Not just this particular move. My Teacher has it and manages his Scoliosis with Yoga . It is a progressive disease and The degree to which you can and cannot do a posture depends on the current progressions / curves Seek traditional medical advise before trying yoga with it. A good yoga teacher should be able to offer advise based on where you are at.

  14. In addition to the great yoga exercises, both of you are very handsome, keep up the great work :)

  15. will this help if you back is bent to the side i think the word for it is scholleosos but i am almost shure that i spelled it worng

  16. Good explanations, and great to see two views.

  17. Hey try the full routine in the playlist you will get a lot from it.

    Namaste Al

  18. this is amazing!!! sooo relaxing… I did it first time in my life :) thanx

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