Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss | Blast Belly Fat! Core Strength Yoga & Back Pain Relief Class

Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss | Blast Belly Fat! Core Strength Yoga & Back Pain Relief Class

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  1. I have beeb watching and following this video every day for the last 5 days. I'm very new to yoga and this one has really made me want to continue. thank you Courtney!

  2. at 10 minutes when you lie on your back with your legs straihht up, i cant straighten my legs, is it more important to have my legs straight at a lower angle or bend my knees a bit to get my lower legs pointing straight up?

  3. I may try this,but am concerned that they will ADD to my back pain! she almost puts her head on the floor while standing! we need a perso with a belly and out of shape leg and back muscles show us how it should be done while you are still heavy, not after you are fit like she is? especially when she goes right into a runnes lunge? not at this stage!

  4. Ray Rich Training

    Nice! Subscribe to my youtube page I'm just starting out! Have some really great workouts and

  5. this video is too difficult for beginners i couldnt evn understand the streches

  6. Great video! Adding this to my arsenal! Thank you!!

  7. I feel relaxed

  8. she talks too much..

  9. You talk to much you never shut up like no one cares about your apple bacon or bacon Apple

  10. I loved it! I really felt the work out! See you next video and p.s I'm going to try the baked apples ;-)

  11. Racquel Mcguiness

    I ether have tomato sandwich,fruit,toast whith tuna on it or some left overs

  12. Some good yoga poses that I found really beneficial… but stop talking about apples! haha what is her obsession with baked apples!!?

  13. I enjoyed this, I'm overweight, and these really worked for me, plus I felt a burn in the abdominal area, and I feel good! Thank you :) gunna try those baked apples heheh 

  14. she talked too much during the whole video session. Okay i understood about core strength and integration of abdominal system but it made me so piss that i am not aware of the up coming move of this session and moving around like about falling from a cliff! It took me 6:34 minutes to turn this off and switch to others channel. Thanks

  15. marivic paulma gumatin

  16. Im definatly going to do this before i walk in the mornings or after im also gonna start meditating but that will be before i go to bed im trying to change my eating lifestyle to become vegan but that wont happen until i move out of my parents house for now im sticking to eating healthy and staying away from sodas and othet junk plus not eating late at night ?im 158 pounds 5'5 fot height i want to be skinny before im 20 im hopeing this will help along with other other excersises thanks ??

  17. I'm one of those people who found it hard to see the effectiveness of yoga in weight loss. And never have I expected it to make me sweat. Today is my first time trying this and OMG. Not 10 mins passed I was literally dripping down with sweat. Never felt this good while sweating. It really made me calm. And to finish everything off I meditated for 5 minutes which I think is the perfect ending to relax your body. Thank you so much!!!!

  18. Very surprised about the negativity. Thank you for a FREE workout that has already shown signs of improving my tone.

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