Beginners Yoga Flat Tummy, Abs & Core Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

Beginners Yoga Flat Tummy, Abs & Core Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout

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  1. seriously? this is begginers?

  2. Straight hair!!

  3. awesome good for me

  4. Hi, thank u for ur videos, I'm suscribed but i cant get access to the third video cause it says it's private, is there any way I can check it? thanks

  5. Do we have to do it with our empty stomach?

  6. I like curly please keep

  7. this sucks -_-

  8. ‫توته توته‬‎


  9. Haha!awesome..but i cant bend properly my body perhaps because this is my first time,seems i wanna after haha!ill follow your site!

  10. this is far too advanced for me i cant do any of it properly, even with the lift up on the hands, my arms dont feel long enough to so it and my balance is all over the place

  11. with the top of my leg 90 degress from the floor i cant get my lower leg anywhere near straight, its barely at 45 degrees and my legs have always been and felt extremely heavy.
    i cant even keep them in the air like you do without getting cramp on the outside of my hip

  12. love the workouts, but don't worry about your hair or wardrobe in your videos.  At least don't talk about it, if people have a strong opinion they will tell you anyway.

  13. Why isn't Foundations Class #3 accessible?

  14. Michelle Farrow

    Hay I just need some advice :) I'm a shift work girl (chef) and I'm finding it hard to fit my yoga into my work rota :/ if anyone can help I'll be very appreciated xx

  15. You're awesome!

  16. Courtney T (Court)

    This was a nice workout thank you so much. I've never done yoga before. I was a bit hesitant as I have a bad knee, and previously shattered my pelvis. However, this was easy enough to follow. I was able to do all the exercises. I need to improve on a few of them, but in time I will get there. I will definitely be trying out more of your videos. :)

  17. You're super gourgeous

  18. Jessica Sarrantonio

    I like you curly hear more! this video was great but I felt i needed more guidance in my breathing which perhaps could have made this more effective for my

  19. I realize this works even better after you've done fitnessblender thigh, butt, abs, cardio and fat burn (30 mins one), lifted some weights and done some stretching. It just feels so good to stretch after so much work!

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