Beginners Online Yoga Class – Classes of 20 Yoga postures

Beginners Online Yoga Class – Classes of 20 Yoga postures

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  1. I LOVE LOVE your guys's video! I have done it already a couple of times, and it helped me so much to learn some of the basic yoga postures, and most of all, to learn the yoga breathing. And you have such a calm and soothing way of teaching trough your video, that each time after I have practiced it, I feel so calm and happy. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! <3 :)

  2. great video!thanks

  3. I love this video, it's been a great help, but do you have any tips for doing with this without a yoga mat? I don't have one yet, and I find it difficult to do it on the carpet because I always slide, especially poses like the doll pose where you push away from the ground. I'm planning on getting a mat as soon as I can but in the days leading up to that, does anyone have any advice?

  4. Although I have learned a routine from my own Yoga teacher, I recommend this series as it can be taken as a whole, or in part, as a frequent routine.

  5. Love the video and I am progressing in all the poses except the hamstring extension with the strap. No matter how I do it I always feel it more behind the knees than in my hamstring. Any suggestions?

  6. Wonderfull video, clear, clean in the movements, and also I can make it in my room, i´m old but triying to heal my body. thanks thankss so mucho friends

  7. In Harmony Healing with Denise Dubron

  8. Sonia Noemi Gonzalez

    Wonderful Video. Very explicative..and the meditation relaxes very profundly.. Thanks.. I have recommended the Video to my friends… :-)

  9. looks beautiful where you's are so tranquil :) lots of fun xxx

  10. Hi i want to ask; is it normal to feel really hot when I'm holding the poses?????? Also want to know if you'd recommend as i progress with this video if i should increase the amount of times i do each position and/ or hold for longer???? When is the best time to practice? Many Thanks ….im really enjoying your video

  11. Thank you for this fantastic video. Doing the routine has done wonders for my posture. Another unexpected bonus has been peaceful uninterrupted sleep at bedtime. 

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I felt so relaxed and at peace after. while I was in the relaxing state at the end I felt such a warm feeling in my chest which made me laugh out loud it felt so good. Thank you :)

  13. Excellent as always! I've made this part of my morning 'routine' till I start to get it on my own. Gratitude!

  14. Hello,i would like to ask,do i have to do this every day the same? Or there is some advanced yoga positions ill have to do later? And can i use yoga like streching before gym? Btw thank you for video,i cant wait to start…??

  15. Excellent vídeo! Thank so much for sharing this with us. Namastê from Brazil

  16. That was great. Completely relaxed my body, i feel so free and stress free. Great video i loved it. :))

    will do this almost everyday :)

  17. love doing these daily. Thankyou

  18. I really enjoyed seeing your video and felt inspired by it. If'd you like to hear "My River", a prayer song that I wrote after yoga class here it is

  19. hi…thanx so much for the video..its helpful.i am 28 and i have some problems with flexibility,i cant neither cross my leg together while sitting nor sit comfortably with my ass on my feet.please how i can i fix this,i feel probably i wont be able cos of my age.and this limits most of my exercises routine,because most exercises requires to sit in these the deep breathing exercise.(5.35)thank you

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