Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

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  1. Short enough to keep me yet still make a significant difference in my day. I've had a 90% decrease in hip pain by doing this 3-4x a week. I noticed improvement in a week and now it's been almost 2 months with no more limping. No more cortisone shots for me! Sent my friends this link. Thanks, Brett!

  2. This is my favorite morning sequence. It really makes me feel good!

  3. I love your videos. I never have to look at the screen. You give great cues and you always remind us to come back to our breath. Thank you

  4. Thanks Brett for sharing the gift of yoga! You have wonderful energy.

  5. So helpful. Thank you!

  6. that was great and easy to follow. Thank u!

  7. So this is a perfect way to start the day…and I CAN work it into my morning routine. Just exploring yoga in my early 50s. It's about time! Thanks for a great morning!

  8. I just found this and can't seem to buy the jumpstart on amazon (?) maybe because its past the jumpstart date limit of august 31st?

  9. Thanks a lot for the Video, Brett :)

  10. Thanks for this. It is challenging, and I had to modify a bit, but I feel good afterwards. I'm just beginning yoga in my late 30s and I suppose I have a lot more tightness in my muscles than one might think. This is going to be good for me.

  11. What a great way to wake up! I've been doing this for 3 days and already notice a difference every AM.

  12. so morning yoga … Why was I expecting first pose to be something like hands up to welcome the sun? Its get you but vide open and get ready to get ucked ;)

  13. Aaahhhh! Perfect way to start the day. I will certainly check out more of your videos!

  14. As someone that is trying to get back into yoga after years of none, this is a wonderful video for me to start my day and stretch out my otherwise VERY tight muscles. Thank you so much!

  15. Wow love this video use it every morning x

  16. This is a nice sequence. Thanks for posting!

  17. Lovely, great way to start my day, thank you! :)

  18. I tried two other "beginning" yoga sequences before this and couldn't actually finish either because they were for people who are already really in shape. Yours was great – easy to follow and easy enough to do as a beginner while still being challenging enough. Thanks!

  19. Angela Louise Cobb

    Good Morning!
    I did my 1st morning with you!! I feel awesome!! Sweaty???? Namaste! Returning in the morning????

  20. Angela Louise Cobb

    new student!!! new to yoga!!! ready to begin a new journey. Love your relaxing voice!

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