Beginner Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Greatist (10-min) – Nighttime Yoga for Beginners

Beginner Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Greatist (10-min) – Nighttime Yoga for Beginners

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  1. thankyou

  2. Taylor Steakley

    This was awesome and yea I get the comment about the talking but it helped me a lot

  3. This really helped me fall asleep last night! Thanks.

  4. Brett, in several videos you have mentioned that you slept on your side. Recently several videos have shown up in my News Feed on Facebook extolling the benefits of sleeping on the left side – benefits for digestion, for the brain, etc [Dr Mercola and others say this]

    I have been trying left side sleeping out using an additional perpendicular pillow under my left shoulder [which still feels a bit sore] and another pillow between my knees or not, either get in fetus pose, or have my egs pretty straight.

    What I am wondering is how do you position yourself when you sleep on your side.

  5. Great vid, thank you.

  6. this really helped me relax before going to bed after a hard day at work thanks a bunch

  7. originallycourtney

    i never realised how effective yoga is for calming and winding you down !! thank you so much

  8. Tina Desjarlais

    loved it! thank you. c:

  9. Barry Gleissner

    Awesome video Brett! I tend to be on the tight side and this relaxed me. Ready for bed now.

  10. I found this video on pintrest at night, and figured why not go ahead and try it out. I feel so relaxed and wonderful! immediately subscribed for you videos afterwards! :) thank you!

  11. Terri Vermaelen (girleatfruit)

    i enjoyed this but kind of too much talking.. not very relaxing.

  12. Thank you!!! i feel relaxed…

  13. Arizona Premium Mattress Company

    Beat sleepless nights with yoga.

  14. Erin Hildebrand

    This is my absolute favorite bedtime sequence!

  15. YEAYAQ!

  16. Hi Brett! I really enjoy your videos. This was a lovely routine! My only criticism is that I was having difficulty hearing you; so I wasn't able to catch the cue to switch positions. When I was on the floor trying to follow along, I had to keep breaking alignment to check the screen. Perhaps something to keep in mind for future videos?

  17. t and sweet. Thankyou so much! Needed something quick before bed to slow me down. Any advice on one that would slow my brain down? I am on meds, drink relaxing teas and stretch or do yoga, etc.. but I cannot go to bed. I think its an anxiety thing, because I LOVE to sleep, but getting to the bed and turning off the light just doesn't happen till very late no matter how sleepy I am. Thankyou so much for your practices and advice! BLESSINGS

  18. Heather Lucylucy

    Hi Brett!  I really enjoy watching your videos on meditation and am now starting your yoga routines.  I am a first rate beginner and have just tried this night time routine.  I do not know if you have encountered this with heavier participants but I cannot seem to relax my forehead when facing down on the mat.  I feel like I am just pressing my forehead in the ground and giving myself a pressure headache! I just have too much weight and gravity is winning the fight! Any thoughts or have an adjustment method for us heavier folks?

  19. fell asleep on the mat, halfway through the video. it was a wonderful nap i took on the floor. Thank you!

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