BeFiT Beginners Yoga: Beginners Yoga Stretching & Flexibility Workout | Level 1- Kino MacGregor

BeFiT Beginners Yoga: Beginners Yoga Stretching & Flexibility Workout | Level 1- Kino MacGregor

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  1. way too fast for me!!

  2. I love her videos she inspire me

  3. Please wear a little clothes mama…..Its really hard to concentrate

  4. so fast i feel rushed and ur voice isnt relaxing at all

  5. Cons: The music is too "upbeat"-techno, would've loved some chanting, bowls, etc. She talks too fast. It's more of an explanation, which I guess is cool and then we do it on our own? Pros: My spine felt sooo free and fluid and not tight at all, absolutely wonderful. I was very, very focused and centered when finished.

    Thank you!

  6. Kino,
    It is sad that someone felt it necessary to leave such ugly comments on your youtube programs. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. I follow you on snapchat, instagram, Facebook, and youtube.  You asked for us to comment on here and so I am doing so. I enjoy the yogi assignments because they make me reflect on the kind of life I am leading and you help me see what is and what could be and for this I am grateful. Thank you. The fact that you look great in shorts well that is just a plus to what yoga can actually do for anyone.

    Luis Aguilera

  7. I thought i was the only one! This is anything but relaxing. She talks too fast and doesn't give you time to follow through.

  8. is there any yoga schedule analogous to gym or we can practice our own combinations?

  9. Why so fast? Giving me anxiety

  10. I think this would have been so much better if she wasn't speaking and moving so fast! I felt rushed just watching this…definitely not for beginners!

  11. Soulgasmic Paradise

    Slow down

  12. I agree with everyone else. She isn't even staying in the poses long enough for them to have any benefit. Yoga is supposed to be peaceful and calm, not rushed. Too stressful to try and keep up.

  13. Looks like a great workout but her voice and tempo of speech is making me tense and anxious. And like the others have said, she's going too fast.

  14. Kino, you talk too fast. It's overwhelming listening you. Sorry, this is not for beginners.

  15. Trish Stanley Maxwell

    I'm not exactly a beginner but it has been years since I've practiced yoga so this video is more of a refresher for me in fast mode. Exellent instructions spoken quickly for those press for time; however if you're not familiar with yoga at all I suggest a different instructional video then come back to this one for a quick press for time workout. Thanks for sharing this video for moms pressed for time, got my yoga in before heading out for work without being too relaxed which would then lead me to wanting to go back to bed and more coffee.

  16. Wow… Too fast. I lost interest even before the warm-up was over.

  17. Hare Krishna JD El Salvador

    Kino is your name ? you are my hero yoga teacher

  18. Love this!!!

  19. She never stops talking and it all goes too fast, so it's much more stressful than relaxing. I didn't enjoy it.

  20. For a beginner level 1 workout, she talks and moves through the process way too fast!

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