Beautiful Relaxation Yoga For Beginners – 20 Minute Workout & Class Relaxing Poses Routine

Beautiful Relaxation Yoga For Beginners – 20 Minute Workout & Class Relaxing Poses Routine

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  1. Brigitta Bründlmayer

    Hello CourtneyThankyou for your excellent teaching,! I started with yourloosing weight program a week ago and I do it every morning and I also like your relaxing yoga,

  2. i tried now i feel tired…lol

  3. Dasharathy Ramesh

    What an amazing video.One of my favs in the entire series.

  4. I just did 40 minutes of weight loss yoga and was very tired, but I still wanted to relax, and I tried this video. Now I feel like sleeping I am so relaxed!! Thank you

  5. This great! I like your friendly, personable personality–makes me feel like I'm yoga-ing with a friend! This wasn't the easiest routine for someone with a bigger belly, but I modified it where necessary with yoga blocks. I'll do this one a lot! THANKS!

  6. I thought you were talking way too much and you kept pausing which was really annoying. I also don't care about your hair when I'm trying to relax and the fact that you brought up it up so much and kept talking about it was really obnoxious. Maybe mentioning it once and then at the end, asking for a comment would be more appropriate. I'm not really trying to look at the video when I'm trying to do yoga and relax. I think I might stick with Yoga with Adrienne. You could use some tips from her.

  7. Thank you, i like long hair though. This video was lovely.

  8. Thank you for  your teaching,i have better in low of back;)

  9. Thank you!

  10. I absolutely love this

  11. Imocha khuman Laishram

    Beautiful Relaxation Yoga For Beginners – 20 Minu…:

  12. Sharmila Chakraverty

    I like these relaxing asanas. I have lots of neck and back muscle tension and I do the cat and cow movements, Child's pose I do just to relax and downward dog. I am 60 year old woman with middle back pain. Which one is best to ease that tension.? Love your short hair.

  13. now I like to sleep
    with this incredible positive energy…thank you dear for sharing with us
    phenomenon thank you

  14. love

  15. this is all i needed to release the stress i have had after finishing my exams… and you hair looks beautiful

  16. What a wonderful and relaxing way to end the night! I feel so relieved and stress free after that video, thank you so much! And I love the short curls :)

  17. Wow! I just did this yoga for relaxation flow and I'm completely relaxed! I had a tense and busy day and really needed to wind down and this just did it for me! Thank you. You are truly a gift from God!

  18. N Gomez (NattyGo)

    I really enjoy your other videos for weight loss before my runs. Today, I just wasn't feeling it and was having very bad anxiety so I decided to try this video. It really helped me relax and feel better! Thanks for posting! 

  19. Hoping this will help calm me down after graduating high school. A lot of stress came with graduating an entire year ahead of my class and it's starting to hit my body physically.

  20. Yoga: avslapning.

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