Bakasana for Beginners, Crow Pose Yoga Arm Balance

Bakasana for Beginners, Crow Pose Yoga Arm Balance

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  1. Thank you for this. This is the first time I have got anywhere near holding this pose – I am not totally there yet, but will keep practicing. I am unable to get my feet flat on the floor and have a straight back. I want to work on this, but am not sure what is holding me back – would it be tight hips I need to work on? Or possible hamstrings? x

  2. the best video for crow pose. thanks

  3. Thank you so much for this very helpful tutorial. Namaste!

  4. Great! Thank you for sharing your explicit and deep anatomical knowledge.

  5. This is awesome, thank you!

  6. Very well explained, Thank you….. :)

  7. buenisimo, no entiendo ingles, pero la pude hacer, no me salia, y con el paso a paso mirando la imagen me salio! :)

  8. Omg I've been trying this pose for an entire month and I was finally able to do it for the first time! Thank you!

  9. Thanks for a great video! I

  10. Very useful tips =) Thank you!

  11. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! I've been searching all of Youtube and yours is perfect for BASIC beginners. Yours is the best!

  12. Most thorough crow pose explanation, exactly what I've been searching for. Thank you. So glad that I ran into your channel =) 

  13. Fucks sake man almost splatted flat on my face doing this. Good stuff though, cheers.

  14. This is very helpfull, thanks for this explanation

  15. I still could not do it.

  16. when i put my knees on my arms it gives it w pressure point kind of so it hurts and my arms are to short to i am just balancing on my elbows
    i dont know what to do??

  17. So helpful!

  18. Outstanding control! You inspire me to increase and master my skill. Thank you for the training tips!

  19. You're an Amazing yoga teacher I think, where are you based? Do you offer private lessons?
    Thank you

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