Baba Ramdev – Yoga for Meditation (Dhyan Yog)

Baba Ramdev – Yoga for Meditation (Dhyan Yog)

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  1. Jaha dhyan waha geaan


  3. i like most …..i will works

  4. I hv slip disc n was not able to move for 2 1/2 mnths…i hv two v responsible boys n a very loving n caring husband…they got me thru these painful n frustrating times but most of all yoga of shri ramdev baba made me stand tall n as graceful as b4 . I can say i m proud to b indian only bcoz of this grt man …otherwise politicians hv left nothing to b proud of …isnt it?

  5. baba ramdev what he studied i dont he will only teach nicely about yaga,meditation asanas nenomo 7 th chadavale,8 th hindi,science fail private rashi na

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  7. Hi Sudama Ji.

    I wish you good luck.

  8. In continuation to my last comment…Why don't I go to Him, he would solve my issues, and I went to Lord's palace. It was amazing to be there he came to me hugging me and made me sit in equal to him. I simply couldn't, I sat on the floor. And then I wept for his humbleness and my stupidity that I was so close to God then why didn't I approach Him till now. Baba Ramdev ji I respect you from bottom of my heart! This was a self realization where I suddenly assumed I am Sudama from Mahabharata.

  9. At the end of the session when Shradhe Baba Ji told that you will meet the divine and you will realize that you were lost in your shortcomings and problems, I suddenly felt as if I am Sudama and I met Lord Krishna. In that very moment I felt I had His address, Lord Krishna had written his address in a piece of paper long ago when we left the Ujjaini school. I had forgotten him for these many years it's only one holy person Baba Ramdev ji made me realize that I have the address slip!

  10. one of the best teachnique for meaditation

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  13. MrHieronymusBosch


  14. very good ,jai shri krishan

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  16. Life reminds

  17. There's only one Yoggy Yog
    One Yoggy Yog,
    Walking along, singing a song,
    Walking in a Yog wonderland

  18. @deadravers he spoke in hindi not in punjab language…

  19. While I am not exactly familiar with the Punjab language, he at least expresses himself in such a way where lingual barriers become irrelevant. Strangely enough, I understood everything he said. I feel better for having watched this in lieu of dialect.

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