Ashtanga Yoga: Learning King Pigeon Pose or Kapotasana

Ashtanga Yoga: Learning King Pigeon Pose or Kapotasana

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  1. Ayyy Ay Ay…………here we go =D

  2. I love it every day to do it  

  3. WOW!  Now I know the proper moves for this beautiful pose!  I am anxious to try the moves!

  4. Diana Ann Bisares

    Oh my gosh. So glad to have found this tutorial by one of my favorites yogi, Kino! Ive been doing it the wrong way!

  5. but I liked the weather so cool

  6. it was easy

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  8. It's important to inhale and stretch the upper body, nearly lift up the chest and then bend over. While reaching out with your hands, put your head back, breath slowly and steady. As long as you can keep the back streched. Everything should be fine. The only problem is when your legmuscles aren't ready/long enough to be that streched. That could be the readon why you can't hold yourself while bending over…

  9. neizrevelzibiliziran


  10. Thanks! 😉

  11. perfect pose.

  12. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment! :)

  13. It does take a while to build up to this.

  14. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment and offer that suggestion! :)

  15. This looks so unhealthy and dangerous… And especially uncomfortable 😀

  16. Do a video how to learn to bend back like she does.. it was hard to do this..

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