AK99 Flat Belly Ab Abdominal Wall Core Workout Before or After Exercise Yoga

AK99 Flat Belly Ab Abdominal Wall Core Workout Before or After Exercise Yoga

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  1. Trinh Quang Trung


  2. Tabitha & Ashleigh

    This is a very quick yet effective workout! I love it! Your videos are my favorite! :)

  3. hi ali, can I ask your height? just curious. :)

  4. Hurts so good! 8 minutes of ab murder. Love it! Thanks +Ali Kamenova, your my favorite yoga instructor!

  5. Wow. This did in 8+ minutes what I usually spend 20 or more doing on other ab work outs. Love it! Thanks for these mini workouts!

  6. Why when you work abs you feel so much pain internally. Is it because it's a small muscle that's over your organs. Correct me if I'm wrong

  7. intensive work out…i cant finish it

  8. I am doing this every day after one or two of your videos. Love this abs sequence!!!!! Love and thanks on your way dear Gipsy yogini Ali, Isabel 

  9. a beginner can do this!?

  10. Hi Ali! I've been doing this routine every other night. I love it! I have a question about what you mean by 'keeping the lower back on the ground'. I have a very deep arch in my back and find it hard to keep the very bottom (small of the back?) of my back on the ground without having my legs super high. Is this the part you mean by lower back or is it more so the middle of the back slightly above? thanks! 

  11. I've been doing this workout everyday for a week and the more I try to focus on the core, or belly, the more I realize how hard this workout really is ;)

  12. Ali you are a beast! Namaste :)

  13. Oh my god that was so perfect !!! So amazing moves , yet so strong moves..! It was like I was in a machine…feeling so focused ab work…yet the moves were smilingly so simple! Thank you immensely !!!

  14. I've done this workout twice on 2 different occasions and I would swear it feels only like a minute has passed! It's too much fun. New favourite quick workout. Easy to fit into your day! <3

  15. gut wrenching!! in a good way!  ;)

  16. This is great after not having worked out for a while…not too much, not too little. Thank you Ali!

  17. What size you are Beautiful Ali? Min how many litre water we should drink.

  18. this is great!  thank you! is it true that we are not supposed to work our abs every day, but more like every other day?

  19. Ali could you please upload a forearm stand tutorial for me. And an explanation what could be the possible mistake when we are trying? Practising each day but need to know what is the tecnic 

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