AK28 Beginner Intermediate YOGA for Weight Loss Fat burning Full Class Hatha

AK28 Beginner Intermediate YOGA for Weight Loss Fat burning Full Class Hatha

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  1. great class! namaste x

  2. Hi Ali, it was sooooo good! I enjoy your yoga class, every time after this I am heavily sweating and I feel so good and comfortable! Thanks a lot!

  3. Yesenia Contreras

    Lovely class! Very easy for beginners, but still makes you sweat. Namaste

  4. Mayzia Noemi Rodgers Negron

    Love your flow. Thanks!!

  5. Coralines Ghost

    Very nice. I mainly do yoga for flexibility and balance so I appreciated the slow pace in this one. :)

  6. my best girl friend who just got sober finally agreed to practice with me.  i've been with you at least once a week for months, now, and i TRY to do the more advanced videos.  it was so nice to do this with her as her first sober practice. it was work, but she was able to keep up which is very encouraging to her…and to me.  she's considering taking up a practice because of this video.  i told her all it can do is help her in life and in sobriety…thank you, Ali

  7. Thank you for helping me with the yoga in such a nice way. <3

  8. WOW! I just did this practice and LOVED IT! You remind me of my teacher, whose class I cannot attend as much as I like. THANK YOU! I feel amazing!

  9. Wonderfull Class, thank you very much     :))

  10. Namaste- thanks- I did this while travelling when I could not go to my normal class xxx

  11. Lies Make Redgey Cry

    Great class, except for that dog who struts in at 4:10 and starts showing off with his impeccable downward dog.

  12. such a beautiful, rounded  class!  one of  my favourites!  still come back to it every so often  i find  it  very  grounding  and meditative  yet  still  providing a  proper full body  work out!  thank you Ali!  My  practice  would not  be the  same  have  I not  discovered your  channel! <3 

  13. this is surya namaskar!!

  14. Really enjoy this class. I'm new to yoga, but this routine has become a regular in my exercise routine. Great for the body and mind.
    Thanks Ali!

  15. My absolute, absolute, absolute favorite! I have been practicing this – with a lot of others of your classes – for over a year, but I keep coming back to this always. :)

  16. Hey Ali, Ive been having stomach issues and I deal with a lot of pain. I came home after my stomach was bloated like crazy and it hurt beyond belief. I did this yoga exercise like I have been. The pains are gone now. Thank you. 

  17. That was so cool! I love it! I will continue practising yoga with you!!

  18. Hi Ali! I'm finally here on YT, I've been practicing with your videos for over a year now. The effects are wonderful ! You're 1 of my Favourite Yogis. Your style is refreshing, gentle, calming and very effective ! I find myself really digging deep & pushing forward with your practice in a safe & confident manner ! I've gotten to the point of just hearing your calming voice instructions and just being in-tuned with my yoga practice. I thank you sO much :-)  +Ali Kamenova
    Much Love, D'nota

  19. phoenixrisingization

    Beautiful session

  20. ali – one of the sexiest yoga instructor

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