Advanced Yoga: Shoulder Stand Pose & Plow Pose

Advanced Yoga: Shoulder Stand Pose & Plow Pose

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  1. Your videos are super I like all your uploads these are very useful and techniques shown are actual techniques that my teacher is also using to teach.

    Thanks a lot and you have done a very nice work in uploading all these videos.

    Thanks again

  2. I can shoulder stand for a long time, but can only tap my feet for plow pose but cannot hold it. It hurts too bad. Just need to keep working on it and learn to breathe my way through the pain. 

  3. nice for sex

  4. ‫رضا محمد شوقى محمد‬‎

  5. ‫رضا محمد شوقى محمد‬‎

  6. ‫محمود الزملكاوى‬‎


  7. Hi 😉

    could you tell me what's the track name in this video (i mean the song in the background) Thanks alarge 😉

  8. Would love to see this demonstrated while wearing a thong

  9. You're very welcome, thank you for the lovely feedback. Please do subscribe for more coming soon!

  10. Your welcome. We are glad that you found the video useful. Do like the video and also subscribe to Ananda Yoga

  11. a very nice video…and thnx for giving details about benefits of this asana…

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  13. After observing step by step instructions and trying it a couple of times, it is helpful for you achieve that core strength. You can watch our other Yoga videos which helps to increase the core strength

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  16. Thats some serious core strenght! I can't roll back like that

  17. favorite video,favorite yoga person,all the glories, keep great work,namaste,
    we luv ya lots!

  18. Thank you. Do check out our other Yoga videos for your benefit

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