8 Face Yoga Poses to Exercise Your FACE

8 Face Yoga Poses to Exercise Your FACE

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  1. ?

  2. do it while driving to work

  3. I was with my friend and she thought I was insane for watching these videos… Here's our convo
    Her name is Mia btw
    Mia: why are we watching this?
    Me: because it's funny
    Mia: yes it's funny but not good
    Me: :/
    Mia: omg turn this shit off
    Me: FUCK NO

    Ok that's all I'm saying??

  4. I am the only one which yawn when Meghan made it?!

  5. Ave .H. Ave babe 09

    I use to play the recorder and I had to go to the nurse because I was light headed

  6. Did anyone else yawn when Meghan yawned? ?

  7. awesome videos! Meghan u have really nice lashes which mascara do u use??

  8. Elizabeth Biggers

    this gave me a headache

  9. LoL I love your show

  10. My two favorite people! 

  11. Twinning I play violin too

  12. i choked from laughter on the second pose

  13. What was your snapchats?

  14. Lily looks exactly like my dance teacher wow that was random…

  15. Did anyone else catch themselves doing them as the video goes on?

  16. I am in year 5 and I play flute I can understand why you kept fainting

  17. I can't do anything like there so hard

  18. Okay my face hurts.

    So much stretching of face.

  19. The eye thing was so creepy ?? OMG 

  20. I can do the smiling fish face

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