5 Poses That Help Tight Hips | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

5 Poses That Help Tight Hips | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

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  1. Jennifer Morgan

    Do you have any suggestions for jasw and neck pain

  2. Willow B. Wilkerling

    gets stuck into a ball

  3. Do you have to warm up before hand?thanks

  4. I m 13 years old and i want to maintan my weight what i do

  5. this feels amazing!  I will try this every morning.  Thanks so much!

  6. Tetiana Volynskiy

    Thank you ! It is just what i was looking for!

  7. thank you tara :)

  8. Love your videos. I am a dialysis patient and have a central line in my chest to connect to dialysis. I'm trying to find some safe yoga stretches for people on dialysis as well as yoga poses that can help your kidney function. Wondering if you might know of any that can help. 

  9. How often do you recommend doing these stretches? Every day? 

  10. Chelsey Souligny

    Thank you so much! Very helpful. I had a lot of emotional tension in the hips as you mentioned.

  11. Whitney Watkins

    Tara! I would really appreciate it if perhaps you could do a yoga video on alleviating pain (specifically shoulder/neck/arm/wrist) caused by a pinched nerve in the neck. 

  12. Analise Mellors

    I hula hoop for 3-2 hours a day and its great exercise especially for your abdomen, but lately I've noticed a reduction in my flexibility of lower back/hip area and some pain. This has helped a lot, thank you very much, your videos are great.

  13. I always sweat a lot when Im doing yoga. Is that normal?

  14. I have a question: I'm a runner and sometimes I get shin splints, are there any yoga poses that would help this?

  15. Saved my hips! Thanks.

  16. i wish they didnt have the music in the background

  17. I suffer from lower back pain from tight hip flexors cause by sitting for long periods of time. This routine helped a lot, thank you!

  18. Tara,
    I took a hard fall on my chest last year, mostly on the right side. I have pain under my arm, down the side, my neck down my back and it feels like a knife under my shoulder blade. I do yoga and I have gone to two different chiropractors but I haven't been able to alleviate the pain, especially when I sit and sew for long periods. Do you have some ideas that might help me. Thank you, Laura 

  19. Stephanie LaMotta

    I thought since she titled it 5 poses it wouldn't flow…but it did for sure! Thank you 

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