3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

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  1. certainly boned me up!

  2. Stephanie Hendrick

    love it wish i could order on CD

  3. soo peace full now this is wut u listen to when your stressed

  4. ෆƘαωαιι кυρqυαкєෆ

    This made me wanna pee while sleeping o.o

  5. Punchisjanbaoo Janbaoo

    do your H.W and hear this it is so relaxing…ll..=)

  6. Stop viewing the comments focus and relax.  You will thank me later mate :3

  7. ‫שלי דיאמונד‬‎

    מנגינה מאוד מרגיעה

  8. adore this!!!♥

  9. Ancient Orchestra Authentic Solfeggio Sound Healing Music and Tones by Tom Cassella

    Wonderful work, keep spreading your sound healing to the rest of the world. We are ALL peacemakers, "The Children of God" seeking to help "calm their minds and heal the world" through vibration. Thank you for ALL you've done, keep doing great things, please come check out what we created for the world to sound heal with an authentic and perfectly tuned Solfeggio tones. Hope to see you soon. Sincerely your friend in sound healing, Tom Cassella

  10. So relaxing ????

  11. Thrashmetal6666

    Instantly made me need to pee.

  12. morena schemmer


  13. morena schemmer

    sooooo beautiful Music

  14. I listen to this every night

  15. Like it ,many thanks!

  16. hugo oliveira lima de souza

    eu dormipor3hs

  17. تناغم الانسان  مع  الطبيعة  تحقق  راحة  البال

  18. Thine Thiagarajan

    I like water sounds

  19. Relaxing with the water

  20. Thank you . Awesome! <3

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