25 min Yoga Weight Loss Workout – Home Exercise Routine

25 min Yoga Weight Loss Workout – Home Exercise Routine

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  1. fantastic work out sean as usual, thank you

  2. Hello, can i do this routine in combination with weightlifting?

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  4. It's a little challenging for beginners, but I like being pushed. Second time through it and I feel like I did better than my first time, but I can definitely feel myself improving. I also appreciate the theatre references. Thanks for an awesome, challenging workout. 

  5. Great stuff thanks for this workout. I find it compliments interval training and weights perfectly as do your other videos. Thank you!

  6. you got me to start yoga I love it now I will do this workout every morning before I start my day!

  7. lucifer demonspwan

    This is ridiculous, way to hard for beginners such as myself. this is not yoga.

  8. Will same set of workout regularly help me in reducing weight.. Could you suggest which exercise would help me in reducing excess belly fat??

  9. its a very good workout, but besides the Asanas, it has not a lot to do with Yoga. Besides, someone that is overweight might not be able to do any of the asanas until 4:00, because the needed muscles haven't been in use in most cases. Which means, someone starting will already have a very negative start – I think its an excellent workout, but its not targeted to people who really want to use, or have to lose weight with Yoga.

  10. Wow. This yoga is good exercise . You had sweating everywhere. Wooh ! Amazing.???????? Gonna keep on practicing more. Love the workout????????

  11. or both maybe?

  12. John what is better for back pilates or yoga?

  13. Good stuff!  I have a little experience in yoga, but this was a great change of pace.  I've recently been doing a ton of high impact work outs, and that has subsequently led to some problems with my hip and my knee (I'm not as old as that sounds).  This yoga routine was perfect for what I need while I strengthen and recover.  Thanks, and I will be telling my friends to check you out!

  14. this is my first attempt at yoga and it's intense. I got through the first ten minutes before I had to stop. Do you have any advice to how I can overcome the way I thinks while I am in a workout. Thanks in advance! 

  15. Sign if me not being in shape: be tired before the first 10 minutes. I'll get there though

  16. I just started yoga, not very good yet, but I'll get there!

  17. There's no Matrix stuff here ……. There's no Matrix stuff here :) :) :) 

  18. Very energizing.  Thanks!

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  20. Thank you!

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