20 Minute Yoga Class: Relaxation

20 Minute Yoga Class: Relaxation

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  1. really a wonderful practice to start or finish your day!!!

  2. 20 minutes, 3 days a week should be yours.

  3. Wonderful relaxation class! Thank you!

  4. Thank you Colleen and Plum TV…I love your yoga videos…they are relaxing and very informative without the extra chatter. This one is great with the waves and the easy-to-do poses that always release tension on my back. Keep up the good work.

  5. I feel so relaxed.

  6. was having writers block in the middle of the day. this got me back on track. feeling grounded, calm and confident. 
    thank you.

  7. love the workout, thank you

  8. Loved all of this helped my sore middle thank you!!

  9. what is that mat you have under your yoga mat? I need it! lol it seems like a real floor!

  10. You might want to watch before then you will know what to do

  11. too fast

  12. How do you sharpen your elbows?  She said that a few times?

  13. This routine has a very moving and relaxing feeling to it. It is a very good way to start your day!

  14. thank u :) i enjoyed 

  15. Great relaxing routine! Perfect way to stretch it out before starting my day (: also great if I've been out of yoga for a bit x

  16. I like i made it thru.. gonna do every morning before surfing

  17. I wish she wore sports sandals doing this excercise.

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