20-Minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Yoga Workout | Full Length At Home Yoga Exercise Video

20-Minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Yoga Workout | Full Length At Home Yoga Exercise Video

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  1. Tough work-out! I modified the second set of side planks by supporting myself on my elbow. By doing that, I was able to lift my bottom leg off the floor to work the inner thighs, which I wasn't able to do while up on my hand. This workout packs a powerful punch in only 20 minutes!

  2. Days 27 & 28 of #SummerofStrength done!! Finally done with last month's challenge…LOL! Decided to do the last 2 workouts today plus did a bit of walking outside when I did my errands. I at least got a mile long walk out of it. Can't wait to start with the August routine tomorrow hehehe! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  3. #SummerofStrength  Day 27 finished! Just what I needed this morning!

  4. Day 27 down for #SummerofStrength  after doing day 3 Tred and Shred from the Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss Plan!  I feel good and energized, yet relaxed.  I love doing yoga!

  5. #SOS wk4 d6 – a lovely workout for the morning. My energy levels are not great so I took it steady. Thank you Jessica x

  6. day 27 of #SummerofStrength  challenge – complete! I felt stronger during those side planks while holding up the other leg/knee. I also am paying more attention to keeping the weight out of my wrists and I caught myself a few times during the workout and reminded myself to push away from the floor. See Jessica, your advice is always in my head floating around somewhere haha ;)

  7. Finished the #SummerofStrength  challenge with this workout.  Started off with your Turbo Charged Walk.  Woo hoo!  Can't believe the challenge is over already.  Can't wait for the next one!  Thanks again, Jessica!

  8. Day 27 #Summerofstrength complete! Busy day for me yesterday so doing the last two days of the challenge today! Loved this challenge! I am strong! 

  9. #SummerofStrength  Day 27 done – Got to this one a day late, so I guess this is the end of the challenge!  Loved this gentle, yet concentrated workout.  Feeling really strong and, as always, love the plank moves.  Planning on doing the Ultimate Workouts for Weight Loss 30 day rotation next.  Will have to fit in some of the new workouts too!  It seems like the opportunities for working out with +jessicasmithtv are endless!  Thanks for all you do!! :)

  10. Summer of Strength Day 27 done. I did this after the Belly Blasting Walk off of your DVD with 15 minute walks, and I am dripping with sweat now. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!

  11. nearly done SOS! have been doing 10000 plus steps too . will be trying Fitin15 soon as I will not have much time again:( but yay for your short great workouts !

  12. done. Love this one!

  13. ‫مريم الزاوي‬‎

    #SummerofStrength day 27 is complete!  I can't believe there's only one more day!  I loved, loved, loved this workout!  The plank squats were tough but it felt great to be able to do them with good form!  My upper body strength has improved so much this month–I can't thank you enough!

  14. Perfect workout for me today. I'm sad that the  #SummerofStrength  challenge is nearly done. :(

  15. Day 27 #SummerofStrength  done! I did this after the 40 minute Belly, Buns, and Thighs walk and it was a good workout before breakfast! Found that one side of my body is definitely stronger than the other, but it gives me something to work for! I really enjoyed the inside leg plank hold at the very end! Ready to finish out this challenge strong!! :)

  16. #SummerofStrength  day 27 completed.  I see from posts below that I've done this in the past.  Those boat crunches weren't so bad this time around.  Yay, making progress and feeling more disciplined.

  17. ##Summerofstrength DAY 5 so I decided to do the upper body Barre workout instead of this routine using 3&5 lbs the planks are really starting to take a toll on my wrist So I completed upper body Barre along with flat belly fusion, that one feels so good THANK YOU jessica! :-) 

  18. I've done this one before and love it. Yoga is deceiving. I'm perspiring and panting. Thanks for improving my humdrum day, Jessica.

  19. #SummerOfStrength   I like that this one needs some focus. The moves aren't easy but it still feels meditative. I was finally able to lift my underneath leg in the side plank yay! And also did the camel pose without any discomfort. Can't believe this challenge is nearly done!

  20. Again, feels so good for my scoliosis.

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