20 Min Yoga Flow for Beginners

20 Min Yoga Flow for Beginners

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  1. Thank you. That practice felt good. :)

  2. I love this work out,excellent!!!….(your dog is really nice to!!lol)

  3. Thank you!! that Au-Some!! :)

  4. very nice, easy session. Want to make this a daily warm up!

  5. Wow that was just what I needed! I find it hard to find a beginner's flow that isn't too light. That had just the right amount of movement. I also really enjoyed your voice and you have great energy. Thank you!

  6. Can you get such toned and strong legs from Yoga?

  7. You are a brilliant yoga teacher. I am a beginner and lack flexibility. I have tried videos created by several teachers and yours are the best. The directions are spot on and the sequences were really achievable for me. Thank you. I will be trying more of your videos for sure.

  8. This is a great yoga stretch that I add on to the end of my workouts.  I know its a random question but where did you get the excercise outfit?  I love it.

  9. Amna ghafeer ahmed

    +Yoga by Candace  Hi Candace :-) Would this routine be useful in improving circulation, especially for varicose veins?

  10. Hiya, cant seem to find the download on your website..! Could you possibly post the link to it? Cheers! X 

  11. thank you so much, i am 16(male) and have been having sleeping problems and this has helped me get to sleep faster

  12. I love #youtube  and find loads of inspiration on what to both practice and teach. 

    Creating a home #yoga   practice can be tricky  –  this video provides a great, safe practice that you can do at home: 

  13. Thank you for this!  I've been using this video every morning for a few weeks, and I love the way it makes me feel.  I'm extremely new to yoga, and other videos I've tried aren't as instructive.  Thanks for explaining all the "for dummies" details!!

  14. Thank you for recommending this one for me…much better! I want to start practicing yoga and this is a great start.

  15. hey, just wondering if it's good to do this next to weight loss workout program? you know, for relaxation and stress relief :)

  16. Thank you so much for this video, its nice to go back to basics sometimes just to relax and thoughtlessly do the motions. Truly the best form of stress release. 

  17. love you candace

  18. loved the class!

  19. Thanks Candace. I went to a Vinyasa class yesterday here in Bogota and was totally out of my depth! Trying to follow everything in Spanish wasn't too great either.

    I am going to try to follow your class at home before venturing back to the studio. I felt like giving up yesterday, but your video has given me hope.

  20. Loved the video! My very first time doing Yoga! Very instructional, detailed, easy to understand and follow. Your voice is soothing and encouraging! Thanks so much!

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