1 Hour Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners. Full Body Yoga Class At Home

1 Hour Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners. Full Body Yoga Class At Home

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  1. Hello, I really love your 1 hour videos, please add more workout for weight loss like this.

  2. Really love your videos. I've only been doing yoga for about two weeks, and I love how you explain what exactly you're doing so I don't have to keep looking up at the video and disturb the pose. Thank you so much!!

  3. Last night, I slept like a baby I slept really deeply and soundly!! When I woke up this morning, mu core was a little sore but as the day wore on, the soreness from the previous day gradually crept in so weird and it was the deep muscles that were sore despite that but I feel just excellent after your workout your the best and yes please do more one hour workouts deffinitely!!

  4. Down 17 pounds in 5 weeks, rotating between parts 1 and 2. A ton stronger as well. Thanks!

  5. I just finished this workout I am trying to lose weight as well but im gonna take a different approach rather than the jumping up and down like a lunatic in a sweaty class. This was challenging even though it was beginner and Erica i love your approach its gentle and encouraging and generous with the knowledge. Thank u so much!! Ppl tomorrow i will come back and let you know if im sore or not that way i can give a good proper review.

  6. Just by looking at this vid I lost like 5 kg :) :) :) Just kidding…. Never done yoga but I'm deffinately gonna try :) this workout looks a 100 times harder than regulary cardio….

  7. I'm Gay and I like Yoga

  8. hello, I just watched your video and followed you all along of it, it's relaxing and calming down, thank you for taking some times to male this amazing video, take care xx

  9. i always like your training erica, easy to follow, as you know i dont like yoga before. Always had to treadmills after yoga class. But with following your class, burn many calories a whole session.

  10. Matthea Schumpelt

    I love this 1hr session. I find 20min too short… By the time were done, I am ready for more and end up doing 1 or 2 more 20min videos! I vote for more 1hr ones, please!

  11. Sunny and purple. Thanks for the great hour, just what I was looking for on a beautiful Saturday morning in Boston. I usually practice half hours in the morning, which is great before work

  12. Is this enough for core work out or do I need to core session also ?pls answer need your advice. Thank you so much. 

  13. Hi Erica nice video, and I prefer one hour work out ,did like 80% cause having trouble with balance and some poses but sweat allot.Thank you .

  14. Hi there,

    Thank you for another amazing video. I feel like I'm in a private class or in a guided yoga class. You are amazing at how you explain different positions and the transitions. After watching a few of your videos I rarely have to look at my TV while doing the movements because I can understand just by hearing you explain them.

    I personally am torn between sunny days and cloudy / rainy ones. I truly enjoy the sun and could bask in it all day, but I also find there is something magical about the rain pouring down on me. It's such a fresh feeling.

    Love the purple Polish, it is my go to for all my nails as well. My favourite colour for other things are.. : green, blue, and red depending on what they are used for.

    I find the hour long videos to be a perfect length for me as I've always been active and the only yoga class I've taken was always an hour. I tried a few half hour or twenty minute videos and it always felt like I was just starting to truly be one with my breathe and submerged into practice and it would end.

    I have added all your videos to a play list and will be continuously practicing them, sharing them on google and Facebook, and liking them.

    Thank you again for another fantastic yoga practice, I feel so calm and at peace yet strong and relaxed.

  15. I usually do two of the shorter videos. I guess its mentally easier, but I feel stronger after 1 hour practice. Keep up the good work, you are my favorite on PsycheTruth.

  16. Please do more long videos! By the way you are so beautiful!

  17. I just found your channel and I am beyond excited! I LOVE the hour long yoga format! THANK YOU! I love how you explain everything as it helps me understand how the pose should feel.

  18. Stephanie Kravitz

    First time I saw this I followed it and  finished it in one go.  It's so refreshing afterwards. I love the yoga sessions under psychetruth. I am following psychetruth for nearly 2 months now. Thanks a lot.

  19. Thank you so on much, I enjoy this video and work out the hall hour and sweat a lot still need more practice but little by little I think it will be better God bless you. 

  20. If you answer our questions, where can I find it? And thank you for everything you do 

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